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Johan Öberg
  • 8 days ago
Alright! 7 years is enough wait.

0:01 - 0:11 "Why don't you suck my dick and find out"
Just a good comeback! From Jefferson Keane to Officer Healy.
0::13 - 0:34 "I don't DO windows!"
Jackson Vahue acting like a spoiled brat. I love the bucket throw at the end, nice touch.
0:37 - 0:46 "I don't give refunds"
Another fun line, natural to assume a nazi like Schillinger wouldn't like Said's book too.
0:48 - 1:48 "I don't care if you're smuggling fucking tacos!"
Schillinger is desperate to have Beecher killed but Alvarez pushes hit buttons successfully. Also he's even desperate enough to ask Adebisi for help, or try to anyway.
1:51 - 2:01 "Fuck you ya fuck"
Creative way to get 2 fucks in one sentence
2:02 - 2:23 "Fuck you."
The only time Dr Nathan said fuck to my knowledge!
2:25 - 3:05 "Tinky Winky is gay"
The stimulating conversation about gay puppets.
3:07 - 3:23 "What the FUCK is happening here?!"
The only time Peter Marie swore, and it shook the very walls.
3:25 - 3:48 "Oh I'm sorry, White!"
It's so funny to have a prisoner like White defending McManus!
3:50 - 3:58 "For what, a blowjob?"
Just a funny line, comes out of nowhere.
4:00 - 4:28 "JESUS"
Ok the funny bit isn't that Kirk gets stabbed(although if you've seen the show you know he's a right cunt) but the fact that he looks up at the crucifix lodged in his chest as says JESUS while looking at jesus.
4:30 - 4:47 "Yeah! Maybe I do!"
The height of Said's "angry period", here he gets very salty with McManus who's trying to help him. Love the wallpunch too.
4:49 - 5:08 "Who else shits on the floor?"
Good line, priceless reaction from Guerra.
5:11 - 5:19 "Yo white, you take requests?"
Plain funny. I actually sympathise with Guerra too.
5:22 - 5:51 "Shut up! One second!"
White works himself up over nothing first and then just is in a frenzy, much to McManus chagrin who I bet can't hear himself think.
5:53 - 6:04 "Nice tie."
Pancamo does the old stonewall against Agent Taylor, and does it with flair.
6:07 - 6:18 "Receiving and discharge"
Even though I felt sorry for Robson at this point, these are great homophobic lines, I have to say!
6:20 - 6:49 "BEN DUUHHMMM"
Burr messes with Poet, Keneniah and Reggie in a hilarious way.
6:51 - 7:12 "That motherfucker's DEAD!"
After all the hell Schillinger put so many people through, I did get very excited seeing him finally die by Keller's scheming hand and the audience roaring with applause.